Hello and welcome to Tortylicious! Tortylicious is written and run by me, Kate Offer, a Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Western Australia. The university is in Perth (and I hope you're sitting down for this) Western Australia, hence the name. I am a proud Tortophile and fan of Torts' not-so-distant relative, the warning sign. 

Since you asked, Tortylicious (the Facebook page, that is) was created on a stalled train at the Redfern train station in Sydney in August 2011. If you’re familiar with Chomentowski v Red Garter Restaurant Ltd ((1970) 92 WN (NSW) 1070 (and come on. I mean, who isn’t?) you’ll know exactly why the Redfern sign made me think of that particular case. And why I felt the urgent need to create a way of sharing my excitement with fellow Torts lovers. Since that fateful day, Tortylicious has become, and I quote, "the greatest legal Facebook page on the Internet ever" - Anon.  You can get to the Facebook page via a cute little button on the top right of this site. Tortylicious is not on Twitter although, interestingly, there is a @Tortylicious Twitter handle for, and I am not making this up, Erotic Tortious. (Yes, that's what I thought too. But it's about anime.)

Tortylicious (with a ‘y’) is of course a play on the song, and the term, 'Bootylicious'. Lots of people think the name should be spelled 'Tortilicious'. Sure, that's better English but to those people I not only say 'Pffft' (in a cool French kind of way), I also say 'I prefer my English with a side of Beyoncé, thank you'.   

Oh and PS: the awesome Tortylicious logo was designed by Lilly Moseley. As was the website. Thank you Ms Lilly :)