Ah, the disclaimer. Always with the disclaimer. 

Tortylicious is part legal commentary/part legal shenanigans. I hope it goes without saying that nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you really should see a lawyer. Really. I know this is a legal humour website but I'm not actually kidding about that. 

Also, this website, the Facebook page, and everything connected with the name 'Tortylicious' is the responsibility of me, Kate Offer-Clooney, human rights barrister and international clothes-horse #alternativefact and is in no way affiliated with my employer, the University of Western Australia (thanks for the paycheck, you guys!). So, it goes without saying that all mistakes, views, claims to be able to perform life-changing orthopaedic surgery, etc are my own. 

Oh, and here seems like as good a place as any to let you all know that Tortylicious the name, the logo and all the writing on this site is protected by that saucy beast known as copyright law.