How to Propose Like You Really Mean It

February 14, 2017



Happy Valentine's Day! It's that one day of the year when many a young lawyer's mind turns to love and you may well find yourself wanting to ..., you know, ... bring an action to permanently join parties, if you know what I mean. If that's the case, please consider the following helpful precedent, which I've drafted as a little gift from me to you. 


I am desirous of maintaining social, domestic and recreational activities on an ongoing basis and wish to enter into an emotional and financial contract of a type as defined by section 5 and pursuant to section 42 of the Marriage Act 1961 (as amended). Please advise forthwith as to whether this course of action is acceptable to you. 


If this doesn't work, I honestly don't know what will. You'll have to excuse me now  .... there's something in my eye. 

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