Could Someone Please Feel Sorry for Jane Park?

February 18, 2017


Because I'm not entirely sure I do. 


A story about Jane Park's awful, awful situation appeared on on the 14th of February.  Jane, from Edinburgh, is apparently considering suing the National Lottery in the UK for negligence because four years ago, those callous brutes allowed her to take out the $2 million first prize. This prize, she claims, has left her bereft of purpose and alone, as her friends just can't understand her life and the National Lottery should never have let her win it at the tender age of 17. I feel bad for her.


Apparently she spent the prize money on houses, a flash car and some fancy handbags (side note: judging from her picture, I would hazard a guess that she also stocked up on a fair amount of what the French would call auto-bronzer. As someone who spent the first six years of her life in Scotland, I can tell you the sun only appears on June 14th between 10am and 12.30pm. IF YOU'RE LUCKY. I'm pretty sure that tan was not acquired on the shores of Loch Lomond.) 


Jane's case seems to be that no-one under 18 should have been allowed to win the lottery. But I'm wondering what an extra year would have done to her ability to manage it.  The trauma of having friends earning next to nothing and having the temerity not to sympathise with her would still be an issue at 18, I should have thought.


And leaving aside the legal issues as to whether a duty is owed by the lotteries commission to winners (questionable) and whether there would have been a breach here, even if a duty was owed (the article states that the Commission provided 'financial support'), there also does not seem to be any damage in the legal sense of the word -  unless I'm not reading the DSM 5 properly and 'feeling 10 times worse when expecting to feel 10 times better', 'feeling like you're 40 when you're not' and being 'sick of shopping' are legitimate illnesses. 


Although the article says that Jane is only considering suing, I'm not sure she's entirely thought this through. If she does go ahead and sue and on the off chance she were to be successful, the remedy she will be asking for is compensation. Compensation. That's money. M. O. N. E. Y. Jane, if you win, you're going to have MORE MONEY. Which I thought was entirely the problem.


I think all that auto-bronzer may have gone to her head. 

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