Stay Away from Cliff Edge

March 5, 2017


I don't know Cliff Edge and frankly, I was never sure I wanted to. There are hundreds of warning signs, literally all over the world, letting people know just what can happen if you get too close to this guy. He's variously described as unstable ..


 Photo by Teresa Somes



or downright dangerous. 




Photo by Sandy Wildlife.



(I'm not sure his physical health is all that great, either.)



Photo by Walking Woman




I know that the lure of the 'bad boy' is strong for some but, I'll be honest, they really don't do it for me.*  But, this guy features on so many warning signs (which is Tortylicious's core business, after all), I thought it was only right to try and find out a little bit more about the deeply troubling Mr Edge. Just who is he? (Note: probably not the guitarist from U2). Some detective work was in order.**


Strangely enough, for someone who appears to cause so much trouble, there's not a lot on the Internet about this guy. I was despondent until ... RESULT! Cliff Edge, it turns out, actually has a LinkedIn profile. Here he describes himself as a Senior Executive Director & Thought Leader at Cliff Edge Enterprises. (His own firm! What an entrepreneur!) Cliff notes that he is an investment banking professional who was home-schooled by a strict, disciplinarian father. Cliff has been incredibly successful in his 43 years at Cliff Edge Enterprises; he even took out the Cliff Edge Industries Employee of the Year award. Impressive. But this is hardly the dangerous and unstable Cliff I was expecting to find. Although I guess he's not necessarily going to post on Linked In why he was 'thrilled', 'delighted' or 'humbled' to be the subject of so many warning signs or exactly why he's such a threat to public safety. 


I had actually hoped to get a glimpse of him on Linked In but sadly there was no photo with the profile. It makes sense that Cliff is a little shy about showing his face in the circumstances but it's weird that the people making the warning signs aren't plastering his face all over the place. They obviously think he's a big enough of a worry to warn the public about, but don't really think to help out by placing ... oh, I don't know, maybe A PHOTO on their signs???? I was optimistic when I found this picture with his name under it ....  


Photo by Catholic Lane



... but despite purporting to be the man himself, Cliff's face is still maddeningly obscured.  


What can we glean about Cliff from this shadowy profile picture and the whole 'Who is Cliff Edge' shenanigan? Well, he's obviously freakishly tall as he's really towering over those trees. And Cliff is strong! No wonder he's described as dangerous - he's broken the whole of Tasmania off of the ground he's standing on. But other than that, I'm not sure I know a whole lot more about the man than I did when I started. Other than 'stay away from freakishly tall, dangerous, unstable, investment banking professionals who hate Tasmania and can collapse without warning'. But I knew that already. 



*  In 'Bridget Jones' Diary' I was Team Firth, for instance

** I googled 'Cliff Edge the person'




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