WARNING: Warning Signs Can Destroy Your Soul

April 2, 2017


What is wrong with this warning sign? No, it's ok; I can wait. (Hint: it's not the combination of dark blue and light orange or the deadly dull font. Although I'll be honest with you; both displease me. And whose idea was it to border this catastrophe in black? The very least the City of Perth could have done is spring for a bit of navy around the edge.)


No, the problem I have with this warning sign is the message. Roadworks ahead (so far, so good), use excessive caution. Excessive caution. Isn't this a bit, you know, excessive? Last time I checked the standard owed by someone was that of the reasonable person, not the excessively cautious person.  So what gives, City of Perth? 


I decided to investigate and by 'investigate', I mean I googled 'excessive caution'. Interestingly, when you type in that phrase, the first Google autocomplete is "excessive caution destroys the soul. DESTROYS THE SOUL. Out of all the many reasons not to use excessive caution, I'd say that's right up there. Excessive caution doesn't just dent your soul, nibble about at the edges of your soul or pull at a few loose threads of your soul. It's the actual Destroyer of Your Soul. That's not good and frankly, I am suspicious of the City of Perth's motivations in asking us to use it. 


(Fun fact: the second Google autocomplete is 'excessive caution air crash investigation'. I'll be honest, excessive caution is something I thoroughly encourage, not just in my airline pilots, but also in any air crash investigations that may arise as a result of any non-excessive caution employed by the same.)


So, to summarise:



SIGN #2 (Perth)


Visuals: boring sans serif font, although well sized. Questionable colour choices. Superficially sturdy although these types of signs blow over easily.


Placement: Excellent.


Clarity of Message: Clear but misguided. 


Overall, this sign has some very good points. Placement is faultless as the sign has been placed at the car park exit, just before the driver exits to face the maelstrom of the road works. I'd like to see stronger foundations for this sign rather than the 'sandwich board' style but this is probably sufficiently protected from wind and erratic drivers, given that it is in a car park and placed on a concrete island. However, it's clear from the research that the City of Perth has deliberately set out to destroy our souls and this sign needs a jolly good sprinkling with holy water. In the circumstances, I'm not prepared to give it higher than a 6/10. Could do better, City of Perth. 



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